Frenetic deep-space
combat coming to PCs
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After a series of random mishaps, an unlikely hero wakes up in a distant part of the cosmos far into the future, amid an intense battle between rival factions for coin and control of a hyper-capitalist star cluster.

Unwittingly "employed" by the infamous crew runner Todd, our hero winds up, quite literally, at the helm of the Lightning Colt strike vessel, taking on myriad odd-job contracts from the feuding organizations.

Can our hero survive the extremely hazardous corporate combat and get paid enough to find a way home, or at least, get the heck out of there?

Make a Living/Killing
A top-down aerial shooter with rogue-lite mechanics, Boom Co lets players pilot a powerful prototype ship alongside a motley assortment of intergalactic oddballs and engage in frenetic, high-octane, deep-space dogfights in a vast and outlandish sci-fi universe.
Fight with
Speed & Style
  • Bullet hell-style high-octane gameplay
  • In-mission upgrade system lets you tune your ship with machine guns, missiles, nukes, black-hole generators and more as you work towards your objectives
  • Control different classes of spacecraft from high-tech fighters to missile-surfing mechs
  • Gain favor with different mega-corporations and access their high-tech weaponry for maximum mayhem
Fly Like a
Space Cowboy
  • Take revenge on those who have wronged you in the past!
  • Rescue people from dire circumstances!
  • Save the universe from certain doom!
  • Get untold riches!
  • Meet strange life forms that want to kill you for your untold riches!
Explore Unknown Universes
  • Navigate a star cluster ruled by eccentric mega-corporations
  • Choose to take on baddies on humanitarian missions, join the dark side for selfish gain, or be on your own team and walk the fine line between good and evil


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