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September 11, 2021

In the zany, hyper-capitalist star cluster called the Paw System, rival mega-corporations battle it out for coin and control, with each powerful faction having a monopoly over different technologies.

Boom Company Factions

Alpha-88. CSC. Eon. Contraband. The Pirates.

Boom Co — our favorite startup mercenary outfit of intergalactic oddballs — aims to make a name as their go-to auxiliary unit, thus one of the top freelance crews in the galaxy.

Not final. We're still moving the stars around.

The mission-based progression of the game involving odd jobs for the different factions gives players access to various weaponry and enhancements, serving as a variable arsenal upgrade system to suit players' myriad combat styles.

But working with one faction will sooner than later put you in another's crosshairs, and given the animosity between these warring companies, managing these business relationships is going to be quite tricky.

Think you'll make the right deal?


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